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At Read On Publications, we promote good practice in vocational teaching, assessment and quality assurance. We've been training teachers, assessors, IQAs and EQAs for over twenty years and all our products are based on practical experience and common sense. If you are an assessor or IQA, or are responsible for their training, we have resources, courses, information and advice to help you.


'The best assessor’s guide' and 'The best initial assessment guide'

Both for £35.00 plus P&P

This special offer for January and February means you can get 'The best assessor’s guide' and 'The best initial assessment guide' in one package. These best-selling guides from Hilary Read have helped thousands of vocational trainers and assessors achieve an assessor qualification and to set up robust initial assessment procedures. What sets these guides apart from a traditional text book is their high production values and range of real-life examples, helping readers to understand what good practice looks like.

This offer means you can choose any combination of these two guides.

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Three for £75.00

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All four for £85.00

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