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Out now! The best vocational trainer’s guide by Hilary Read and Ann Gravells

This comprehensive guide is for trainers and employers delivering vocational training in the further education and skills sector. Based on best practice in planning learning, training and coaching work-based learners, the guide draws on the knowledge and experience of experts and practitioners, with many real-life examples. It will help users gain the skills they need as they develop their practice, showing them how to link their training to the workplace. It is an indispensable companion for all those responsible for learning in the workplace or who are working towards a teaching qualification. There are links to the Award and Certificate in Education and Training (AET and CET) at the end of each section.

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I have finished reading The best vocational trainer’s guide and I’m very impressed. It is probably the most useful publication I have read for those involved in work place assessment and training. My company specialises in recovering poorly-delivered programmes and unfortunately there are many of them (mostly Government funded). I had two thoughts when I read the book: the first was I wished I'd had this book a few years ago as it addresses the root causes of many programmes which falter and includes vital topics such as adopting a coaching approach, formative assessment, and communication with the employer, learner and others. My second thought was that if the book had been around and read by the masses a few years ago I might not have a business!

The approaches you have considered in the book lie at the heart of assessor, IQA and EQA training. We spend a lot of time providing real life examples and case studies from the work place where things might look different, but which EQAs in particular must recognise, acknowledge and consider when conducting their visits. It is great to see these in print. The theory of work place learning needs to be out there, as you have done within the guide, to help people become brave and confident about their approach and not fear they are doing it incorrectly. Observations of teaching, learning and assessment are often devised to meet the classroom setting, which is where those conducting them feel most comfortable, instead of the work place setting where it really happens. Hilary and Ann have produced a publication to be proud of – it is excellent.

Joey Greenwood, Smart Training Solutions.

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The best assessor's guide

This best-selling guide is for everyone with responsibility for assessing whether new to the role or experienced. Based on best practice in assessment, the guide provides invaluable help with the skills assessors need to update their practice, develop within the role or gain one of the assessor qualifications.

The best initial assessment guide

This simple-to-follow guide is aimed at all those involved in initial assessment (IA) and recruitment of learners and makes the business case for getting it right - from the start! The guide is an essential companion for anyone working towards an initial teacher training qualification or who gives advice and guidance to learners and contains templates and examples based in real practice for those wishing to design a robust IA system.


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