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Hilary read

As the founder of Read On Publications Ltd., Hilary Read has been training teachers, assessors and internal quality assurers nationally for over 20 years. She strongly believes that all those involved in teaching, learning, assessing and quality assurance should be equipped with the skills they need, and has enabled thousands of people to feel confident that they are implementing good practice in the vocational and work-based learning sectors. She has links with organisations and practitioners all over the country who pilot her materials and help her to develop practical examples and ways of implementing for others to follow.

Hilary has just published ‘The best vocational trainer’s guide’ with co-author Ann Gravells. This is the fourth in her highly-acclaimed ‘The best … ‘ series of guides. Read On Publications is her own publishing company and she funds, writes, and production manages all her publications with a focus on high-quality production values.

'Overall, I think 'The best assessor's guide' is an excellent publication which will be an invaluable reference tool for both those new to assessing and established assessors alike. It is certainly a guide that I would recommend to all new assessor in our centre because it provides them with the essential background for the knowledge units in the assessor qualifications.'
Jessica Ball, Peripatetic Assessor and IQA, Waste Management
Ann Gravells

Ann Gravells has been working in the further education and skills sector for over 30 years. She specialises in teaching, training assessment and quality assurance. She is passionate about helping new staff to gain the experience and qualifications they need to work in the sector. She has written and co-written several textbooks to help new teachers and assessors gain knowledge and skills.

Hilary read

Sally was the LLUK Policy Advisor who managed the review of the new qualifications aimed at assessors and quality assurers. She is one of only a handful of people nationally with a detailed, in-depth knowledge of the units and the approaches needed to develop staff and assess competence in this area. Sally has been instrumental in the development of 'The best ... ' series and the downloadable resources for assessors, IQAs and assessor trainers using her extensive technical knowledge.

Sally is currently working for The Hospice Movement as their Educational Projects Manager.

Hilary read

Sue is an experienced EQA, IQA and assessor trainer with over 20 years’ experience in assessment, quality assurance and verification. She is a passionate about the quality of qualifications’ delivery and has a wealth of professional experience in the field.

Sue also develops and designs inclusive visual learner resources for the training of assessors, quality assurers and customer service operatives and has played a key role in the development of e-topics with Hilary.

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