Out now! The best vocational trainer’s guide

This comprehensive guide is for trainers and employers delivering vocational training in the further education and skills sector. Based on best practice in planning learning, training and coaching work-based learners, the guide draws on the knowledge and experience of experts and practitioners, with many real-life examples. It will help users gain the skills they need as they develop their practice, showing them how to link their training to the workplace. It is an indispensable companion for all those responsible for learning in the workplace or who are working towards a teaching qualification.

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The guide contains help with:

  • Teaching, training and learning in the workplace: What the research says, the employer’s perspective, different roles, principles of effective workbased teaching and learning, and practical ways of implementing them.
  • The different ways of planning for workplace learning including embedding English maths and ICT.
  • Delivering learning, including a useful section on workplace coaching.
  • Assessing learning: initial formative and summative assessment and where these fit.
  • Reflecting on performance – for trainers and learners.

There are links to the Award and Certificate in Education and Training (AET and CET) at the end of each section.

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"The guide is pitched at the right level and I found the section on delivery really useful. It gave me new information that will greatly support all kinds of trainers. By clearly identifying the different roles at the beginning, you can see how to adapt elements of the guide to suit your own role and you can see what will work for you and what won’t." - Sara Morton, Lifetime Training
"I run Train the Trainer courses and can see myself using this book with the kind of learners who attend. These are people whose vocational expertise is great but who have no formal training in how to plan and deliver, so the core themes of the book are very appropriate. In my experience the majority of training textbooks focus on group training and I was pleased to see that this material is relevant to the trainer who delivers mainly 1-1, as many of my learners are in this position. Others too, have not studied in a classroom for many years and need something like this that does not presume prior knowledge of the education sector and explains new terms effectively." - Wendy Horrex, Trainer in Professional Development, West Sussex College

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