Assessment and quality assurance in the QCF

In this article for the Institute for Learning’s (IfL’s) InTuition and CPD Matters (July, 2012), Hilary puts forward some guiding principles for quality assurance in areas where updating and CPD are currently needed, using practical illustrations from ‘The best quality assurer’s guide’ and ‘The best assessor’s guide’.

What does good vocational teaching and learning look like?

Making the most of the workplace Hilary Read is the author and publisher of ‘The best … ‘ series of guides aimed at vocational teachers, assessors and quality assurers and is a champion of work-based trainers, assessors and I/EQAs. She runs CPD and trainer training nationally within the

Gaining an assessor/IQA/EQA qualification

Becoming a vocational assessor or IQA is seen by many as a credible career path into teaching, training and quality assuring. It is hugely rewarding, if you can find the right path to gaining the qualification and the right experience to enable you to reach robust assessment

Life on the front line for work-based assessors and trainers

I started a discussion in the Linkedin RQF/NVQ/QCF assessors, IQAs and EQAs group that I manage asking members what they get paid to do as assessors. This is a private group of over 5,000 assessors, IQAs, EQAs, vocational trainers and managers. The discussion generated interesting comments publicly, and

Employer engagement: The employer’s perspective

This article looks at employer engagement from an employer network’s perspective and is taken from research I carried out when writing The best vocational trainer’s guide. It is based on the experience of a national network of hospices looking for SfA-funded providers who were willing to work in

The changing role of the assessor in apprenticeships

Changes to apprenticeships in England mean big changes to the assessor role. This article looks at some of the main ones and what these will mean in practice for you if you are a vocational assessor and are planning to teach or assess on the new apprenticeship