Events run by Hilary ...

Delivery, assessment and quality assurance events 

Hilary runs events looking at current changes within the FE & Skills sector and what these mean in practice for those involved vocational training, assessment and quality assurance. 

This year Hilary ran a series of workshops focused on apprenticeships aimed at practitioners and their trainers. These were small, friendly groups where participants appreciated the opportunity to discuss questions and challenges in an informal environment with others facing similar issues.

Venues for these events are provided by training providers in exchange for free places to keep costs to a minimum.

Examples of workshops Hilary offers are:

  • Changes to the Education Inspection Framework
  • Where we are with T Levels
  • Embedding and contextualising Functional Skills
  • Vocational curriculum planning
  • Back to basics with vocational assessing
  • Changes to the assessor role within apprenticeships
  • The role of the on-programme coach assessor

If you and your staff are interested in any of the topics and would like to offer a venue, you can email Hilary here.

Hilary also runs:

  • Updating for vocational assessors, IQAs, EQAs and teachers/trainers including those involved in apprenticeships’ delivery
  • Practitioner events (see below).
  •  In-house CPD events for teachers, trainers, assessors and those responsible for quality
  • Keynote speaker: Hilary speaks at national conferences and network meetings on current changes affecting the sector and the implications for teaching and assessment practice.

If you would like Hilary to run an event for you, contact her here.

Practitioner events

Hilary has recently run a series of practitioner events nationally looking at changes within the FE and Skills sector and what these mean for those involved in teaching, assessing and quality assurance. These were hosted by training providers and all attendees received a copy of one of Hilary’s books: The best assessor’s guide, The best quality assurer’s guide or The best vocational trainer’s guide.

Topics included: Apprenticeships (on-programme delivery and end-point assessment); Where we are with T-Levels and the introduction of the Education Inspection Framework (EIF).

“Many thanks for a very enjoyable and inclusive event. We are facing interesting times with standards and T-Levels. By attending your session, I was better equipped to face our apprenticeship practitioners and compile a workable plan for the future, although I anticipate changes on the way.”

Rob Hobbs, Wiltshire College and University Centre.