I'm using these with a new assessor. These activities and Hilary's guides are great resources for assessors old and new.
Phillip Antcliffe, Trainer/Assessor, Tarmac

CPD activities for assessors: Work-based activities linked to the qualifications


A series of 14 practical activities linked to the qualifications for vocational assessors in one downloadable file (57 pages in total) including:

  • Guidance on using the activities
  • Self assessment
  • Assessment planning
  • Comparing methods
  • Peer and self-assessment
  • Arriving at an assessment decision
  • Giving feedback
  • Meeting individual needs
  • Your role in quality assurance of assessment
  • The benefits of a holistic approach
  • Using technology
  • Reflection and CPD
  • End-point assessment of apprentices

Activities may produce evidence towards the qualification or may be used formatively.