The best apprenticeships guide: online guide


This 32-page downloadable guide is for those responsible for designing, delivering and assessing the on-programme part of apprenticeships in England. It will help you design and deliver a programme of vocational learning to ensure that your apprentices meet the knowledge, skills and behaviours within the apprenticeship standard.

In it you will find help with:

  • How apprenticeships are structured and who does what, including what apprenticeships at different levels mean
  • On-programme design and curriculum planning, including what the 20% looks like
  • Managing learning and progress
  • Preparing apprentices for the gateway
  • Further help, including a glossary of terms.

Downloading the guide gives permission for a single user (you).

If you would like to use the guide with your team or your learners, you will need to purchase a multi-user licence. Contact Hilary here:

Alternatively, you can become a subscriber which gives you unlimited access to the guide and all Hilary’s other resources for vocational assessors, trainers and teachers plus 30% off printed guidesĀ here.