As an experienced assessor who thought I knew most things, I find Hilary’s guides an excellent resource and believe they should be an essential text book for every learner’s programme and a reference book for all practitioners. They contain many self-assessment and reflective tools that make easy reading. All IQAs and assessors should be using these guides to update their knowledge. Hilary has a strong belief in current and best assessment practice which her publications truly reflect. I would suggest that all assessors, new and old should be applying what’s in the guides to their own practice as a method to standardise and professionalise which is what we are trying to achieve within FE collectively! Outstanding publications, like nothing else available - a ‘must have’.
Mick Gray, Director at Competency Training Solutions Ltd.

The best quality assurer’s guide



This practical, engaging guide is for everyone with responsibility for internal or external quality assurance, whether you are new to your role or experienced.

The guide contains:
  • links to the qualifications for IQAs and EQAs and the national occupational standards, to help you gain a qualification or meet CPD requirements if you’re already qualified
  • information on the qualifications for assessors so that IQAs know which one assessors should choose
  • guidance on who does what within quality assurance of assessing, so that all those involved know the extent of their role and responsibilities
  • help with sampling and standardisation activities so that the IQA knows what they should be doing
  • help with changes to practice brought about by the QCE, so that IQAs can carry out their role with confidence
  • potential CPD activities for assessors to improve assessment practice
  • a toolkit for IQAs containing practical suggestions, examples and extra help for Lead IQAs
  • advice for EQAs on how they can help centres meet the requirements of the awarding organisation and Ofqual’s General Conditions of Recognition.

The guide is an ideal companion for anyone working towards a qualification in internal or external quality assurance.

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Best QA’s Guide sample pages